About Deftly

Deftly Creative was formed in 2018, in Muncie Indiana, by three talented and creative individuals while completing their masters' degree in Emerging Media Design and Development (EMDD) at Ball State University.

Darik and Erika first met while working as the department's Graduate Assistants and developed a good working relationship. When Erika was ready to leave her part time job in search of new challenges, it happened to line up with Darik's efforts to start a new media company. Thus, a partnership was created.

When it came time to create some of companies promotional materials, Darik and Erika searched their EMDD cohort members for additional help. Michaela, a photojournalist, was recruited to help with a photoshoot. She enjoyed the shoot so much, she asked more about Deftly and, shortly thereafter, joined the company.

This trio of design thinkers worked out of spare bedrooms and coffee shops for a few weeks before moving into the Innovation Connector, where they set up their first office. Inspired by a traditional workshop, the space was designed with industrial grade furniture and storage, to promote creativity and a state-of-the-art working environment.


Darik Hall

Graduated in 2011 with a Bachelors of Arts in Telecommunications. After that he worked for 5 years at Paws Inc., better known as the Garfield studio, as a web developer. He is currently in his second year of pursuing his masters in Emerging Media Design and Development at Ball State University.

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Erika Espinoza

A second year graduate student and a graduate assistant in the Emerging Media Design and Development program at Ball State University. She graduated from BSU in May of 2017 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism graphics and minors in Spanish and digital publishing. She has interned and worked for Gannett Phoenix Design Studio, USA Today Network, Time Inc., Vox Media, and Univision Communications Inc.

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